New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I, too, ran in the New Year!

I, too, ran in the New Year!

I’ve been lax in posting, I know, but there’s been a good reason for it. I’ve been incredibly busy working on something very important to me that I hope to announce in a few months. Those of you close to me already know what it is, but suffice it to say that there has been lots of work with spreadsheets, lots of meeting with various individuals, and lots and lots of “experimental trials.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want 2014 to be different from the past year and the truth is, I don’t want it to be all that different. 2013 was a decent year for me. I did things that scared me. I did things I never thought I’d enjoy. I saw the world from a different view. I started work on a career dream (the reason I’ve been so busy). And I baked. Boy howdy, did I bake! I don’t want to change any of that in 2014 – I want more of it.

Mini Maple Bourbon Pecan Pies, Lemon Cookies, and Checkerboard Cookies for the nurses at my parents' local clinic.

Mini Maple Bourbon Pecan Pies, Lemon Cookies, and Checkerboard Cookies for the nurses at my parents’ local clinic.

So, instead of setting nebulous resolutions to do differently or be different in the new year, I’m setting specific goals that I’m fairly certain I can reach if I work hard enough. My resolution is to be more than I am today. Here’s how I want to do it.

In 2013 I quickly fell in love with running and then just as quickly fell out of love with it. I want to rediscover that love and prove to myself that I’m the runner I briefly saw I could be. Thus, my running related goals are as follows:

1) Sub-30 5K
2) Sub-60 Shamrock Shuffle (I’m allowing myself a little extra time since this is a large race and I’m not sure how much that will affect me)
3) Sub-65 10K
4) Complete a half-marathon
4a) Sub-2:30 half-marathon (I know completing such a long race should be the main goal here, and it is, but I can’t help but set a somewhat realistic time goal with it; ultimately I’ll be happy if I just finish.)

In the spirit of those goals, I started the year out crazy right by running the 29th Annual New Year’s Day 5K. Up until the moment that I snapped that photo at the starting line I wasn’t entirely sure I wasn’t going to punk out and go home. It would have been with good reason – it was only 20°, the snow hadn’t ceased since the previous night, and the strong wind made each snowflake feel like a sadistic little needle. I was certain it would be The Worst Thing Ever, but surprisingly, on the other end of it, it wasn’t. My official time was 37:55 (18 out of 43 in my age group, 256 out of 476 overall), which is rather slow for me, but I don’t think I did too bad considering that I haven’t run in over two months, the snow made it difficult to pass other runners, and the majority of the time I was just trying to maintain my balance. Also, I ran in my boots.

I don’t get to cross the sub-30 goal off my list yet, but I do remember why I loved running so much. If nothing else, running automatically enters you into this community of people who do this same crazy thing that you do. Midway through mile 3 I slowed to a walk, tired of fighting my feet as they constantly tried to slip out from under me. A woman came from behind, put her hand on my back, and said, “Come on! You’re almost there!” That gave me the incentive I needed to pick things back up through the finish. I saw her do the same to the girl in front of me. For every negative thought I had – that the whole thing was stupid, that I couldn’t do it – I saw someone going, “Whoo! Let’s do this!” That’s a community that I want to be a part of.

Last July I stared down from a 2-story board, swallowed my fear, and took my first trapeze flight. Since then I’ve climbed up that shaky ladder countless times, put my trust in people I’ve only just met, and flown into the unknown. It’s made me a stronger person, both physically and emotionally, and I want more of that. My trapeze related goals are:

5) Do 5 pull-ups in a row
6) Do 1 hanging leg raise, toes touching the bar
7) Become a level 2 flyer

My dating life was, well, iffy at best in 2013. While I did sign up for Project Fixup and go on two dates, I didn’t do much more than that. Since Project Fixup has gone bust (with good reason…I’ve never heard of anyone having a good experience through them) I’ve been wanting to check out How About We. I even signed up, but changed my mind when I realized I had to pay to actually contact anyone (so typical of these sites). Nevertheless, I know I need to make more of an effort in this area of my life and so, my dating related goal is:

8) Sign up for 6 months of How About We and go on at least 10 dates

Note that I did not say, “Find the One,” or “Get engaged.” While that would be fine, that is not my goal. I am not Charlotte. I can’t control both ends of a relationship, but I can control how much effort I put in from my end. If nothing else, it would be great to gain some new guy friends. I miss having dudes around.


So there you have it, eight things I know I can accomplish in 2014. There are, of course, career related goals in the mix, too – you’ll hear more about that when the time is right. Until then, may you become more of the person you want to be this year. Here’s to crossing the finish line in 12 months!


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