What I Love Friday

I’m a bit of an enigma when it comes to fruit. I’ll love a fruit flavor, but I won’t love the fruit itself. Case in point: oranges. I love orange scones. I love orange cake. I love orange rolls. I hate oranges. Or, more specifically it seems, I hate navel oranges. The pith is so bitter and chewy that it negates any delicious orange flavor. Enter the tangelo! Half tangerine/half pomelo, it is all of the orange’s sweet deliciousness without any of that bitter aftertaste. It is the best citrus fruit to come out of this earth (at least, of the ones I’ve tasted thus far). Yay for winter fruits.

The Harold Washington Library
I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to read these days. My usual penchant for fiction has been leaving me cold – there’s so much poorly written, poorly plotted fiction out there – so I decided to take a trip through some nonfiction. I browsed the stacks and picked up a few titles related to my two current favorite topics: running and food. I love that I can reserve books online and have them sent to Harold Washington for pickup. Since this library is open late Monday-Thursday, it’s incredibly convenient to pop in after work and get my books (unlike my neighborhood library, which I can only get to on Wednesdays and Sundays). Expect some reviews soon.

My Champion C9 Hat
C9 Hat (2)
I found this on clearance at Target earlier this month. I not much of a hat wearer – I have BIG hair, you see – but when I saw the hat I thought, “That would have been really useful during the New Year’s Day 5K. I should pick it up for when I do it again.” Which was immediately followed by, “Wait, what?” So, apparently, I am running that race again. Good thing I have this hat to cover ears and keep the snow out of my eyes! It has also come in useful in my comings and goings to the gym as of late, so future NYD 5Ks notwithstanding, it has proved all of its $11 worth (even more on clearance now!)

Links I Love

⇢ “I think beauty is being strong and being brave and being happy with yourself. And I think that’s really beautiful.” As a biracial person it was impossible fit anyone’s standards of beauty. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized the thing the made me different was the thing that made me beautiful. I was lucky because I grew up in a multicultural environment and my mother never expected me to conform to conventional standards of beauty, so I don’t feel too scarred by my adolescence, but I can empathize with those who are. Here, Dove explores the power of the selfie to redefine beauty. (And to the girl who bemoans her big hair, fret not. One day you will be the envy of every single woman who passes you on the street.)

⇢ Are you a fellow INTJ? (I’d suggest we start a meetup group, but let’s be honest, we’d all rather stay home.) Unclutterer presents the Rules of Organizations for all us Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging types. #6 and #7 are why I wash my dishes every single night and I don’t consider my laundry done until it’s hung, folded, and put away. I just can’t function in my small apartment with things all strewn about.

⇢ Speaking of…wash your dang dishes! Every night! You’ll feel so much more like cooking if you do.

⇢ Want to know more about INTJs and how to deal with us? Read this humorous guide (via the above Unclutterer link). It’d be insulting if, um, it weren’t so true. (Does your story have a point? Please get to it now.)

What does “salt to taste” mean? I had an ex who, though he ate nothing but processed meals, criticized my use of salt when I cooked for him. To be clear, the criticism was in the cooking process, not in tasting the final result. Yeah, we sure lasted a long time.


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