What I Love Friday

My dentist.
Most people hate the dentist and while I don’t particularly enjoy having someone’s hands all up in mah grill, I do love my dentist. I’m not sure how big his practice is, but he seems to have an uncanny knack for remembering things about me, like the time he commented that my hair was the shortest he’d ever seen (he only sees me twice a year!) and this time when he asked me if I’d taken my running indoors (I only told him last visit that I’d started running!). Two most importantlies here: 1) He never advocates taking an active approach over a let’s-wait-and-see approach, which is nice because problems either he or I have suspected have turned out to be nothing; and 2) He knows the value of silence and doesn’t blather on with mindless stories just to fill the air (although, I do enjoy the stories about his wayward scuba diving companions). If you’re keeping score at home, and I am, cavity free since ‘81. What’s up!

The Instructors at TSNY
I said it on Monday, but I’ll say it again here: You guys are all awesome.

Oh my, you should eat! I had a couple hours to kill in between my dentist appointment and my trapeze lesson and I realized with some glee that I, as the first was in Evanston and the second was near Thorndale, I had plenty of time to stop into the Evanston Clarke’s for a hearty breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and pancakes. I love Clarke’s. Rick and I have made so many good memories there.

Links I Love

An interesting take on food gendering. I typically don’t post recipes for giant hunks of meat because, well, I don’t eat giant hunks of meat. But while I do order them at restaurants occasionally, I will just as frequently order salads because I genuinely like them. There may be a gendering in the presentation of food in media, but in personal experience I haven’t seen this to be the case. (I was recently at a work lunch where I and my boss – the only other woman present – ordered steaks and all the men ordered salads. True, comments were made in jest, but no one felt the need to alter their orders. [As an aside, I totally need to make these lamb shanks again.])

Protein: the new fiber? Once it was determined that fiber makes you feel fuller longer, it started popping up in all kinds of foods. Slap “fiber” on a candy bar and suddenly it had mass-market, health-conscious appeal. It appears protein is the next ingredient to get the health halo bump. Hey, peanuts have protein – I can eat as many Snickers as I want, right?

Michael Pollan and the difference between corporate cooking and home cooking. Foods that were once relegated to special occasions only have become everyday foods. This is how I can love to bake and still maintain a decent weight – I rarely eat baked goods that I haven’t made myself and I don’t make baked goods for myself all that often. It’s built-in moderation.

Ten reasons to stretch that you haven’t thought of before. Previously when I was running and also working on being able to do the splits, I hated how running made my legs so tight and the splits stretches so much more painful. During my break from running I continued with the stretches and, wouldn’t you know it? Now that I’m running again the stretches haven’t gotten harder…in fact, they’ve made recovering from running easier. Who knew? (Okay, like everyone knew, but it didn’t feel like that in practice.)

⇢ “Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want more.” The Art of Simple explores February or, the month where All New Year’s Resolutions Go to Die. Definitely worth the read.


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