What I Love Friday

Links I Love

An Ode to Adult Onset Runners. I really love this. A lot of times you feel like you don’t belong because you didn’t run cross-country in high school and are hoping, one day, to run a measly 8-minute mile average. But do we not dream? Do we not accomplish? Do we not run?

17 Reasons to love the Winter Olympics. #7, fo sho! (#’s 2,3, and 5, as well.)

How Olympians stay motivated. I was just discussing with Rick how watching the Olympics is both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because you see so many people do so many awesome things, and depressing because you know you’ll never even come close to that. Nevertheless, there’s something to be learned about everyday motivation here. Sometimes you just have to accept the grind.

⇢ I’m not big on the whole Valentine’s Day thing, but I admit, even I might be won over by one of these cards. (I’m fondue you, too!)

⇢ If you are into Valentine’s Day, I hope you got your conversation hearts already because, apparently, the 100,000 pounds of the stuff made in January and February sells out every year! If you’ve procrastinated, you can always make your own with gelatin, Sprite, powdered sugar, salt, and “natural flavorings.” Yum?


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