What I Love Friday

Links I Love

⇢ Speaking of brownies, did you know they were created in Chicago? I didn’t! And now I’ll probably get thrown out of Chicago for saying this, but I really don’t think Garrett’s Popcorn is all that. It smells good wafting down the street, but the product itself is underwhelming. Of course, if you’re part of the majority who shares a different opinion, these Garrett’s Chicago Mix Brownie Cookies may be for you.

⇢ Is dating someone in your target language really the best way to learn a new language? A guest post on Fluent in 3 Months from an English speaking woman married to a Spanish speaking man weighs the pros and cons. I would say this can be extrapolated to any close relationship. Even though my mother speaks Spanish and I speak more significantly more Spanish now, it’s difficult for me to get over the habit of answering her in English even when I completely understand her in Spanish. It’s language inertia within a relationship.

⇢ An interesting article and interactive photo slide of what Walmart sells vs. what Whole Foods won’t. (For those wanting the quick answer: a lot.)

⇢ The Kitchn susses out important information: the difference between bacon, pancetta, and prosciutto. My fave? I’m a huge fan of all smoked, cured meats, but if I had to pick, maybe prosciutto. I love to just roll up a slice and eat it, no need to cook it or get grease everywhere (although, you can’t fry beans in prosciutto fat…).

⇢ The Serious Eats team asks, what’s your least favorite dessert? The comments are pretty amusing too. Mine would have to be when people say they have “dessert” and put out a plate of sliced fruit. Sliced fruit is fine on its own merit, but it is not dessert.


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