What I Love Friday

Links I Love

Gapers Block gives you the heads up on four big budget films shot in our streets.

⇢ An interesting experiment in ugly: a photographer takes hideous photos of herself… so every other photo of her will look awesome. Worth the read, as we all needlessly pick apart our perfectly fine images. (Or do we all? I very much wonder if this is mostly a female thing.)

⇢ Wow. Just…wow. Mom’s Photo Series Spotlights Racist Comments Directed at Daughters. Props to the mother for teaching her daughters that other people’s ignorance does not reflect on them (the daughters) but on the person from whence it came. To see the original project, visit the facebook page. I would say I can’t believe people actually say these things, but, sadly, I can.

The 3 Do-What-You-Love Conundrums from Zen Habits. Refreshing to read when, say, you don’t get paid to do what you love. I identify with #2 quite a bit.

Are We There Yet? from Nerd Fitness. Basically, what I wish I could say to everyone who thinks that I no longer need to pay attention to working out or what I eat. There is no “after,” there is only “during.” This is a journey that lasts the rest of your life.


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