What I Love Friday

Links I Love

The ol’ high fructose corn syrup vs sugar debate. Personally, I always thought the issue was that most people didn’t know HFCS was sugar and, thus, not aware they were consuming sugar in products where you wouldn’t expect sugar to be. Shouldn’t the goal should be to eat less added sugar in general, not debate which kind of sugar we want to vilify?

Stages of winter rage. This is precisely how I feel, minus the car issues. (Because I don’t have a car. Add “stepping into knee high mounds of snow while trying get off the bus” and you’ve got me exactly.)

Fear is the root of your problems. I know this and yet I still have trouble overcoming it. The second to last bullet point really hits home with me.

⇢ Running on Healthy on how running humbles us all. Honestly, running humbles me daily. It is the one thing that can make you simultaneously feel awesome and like a complete loser. (Luckily, the awesome feeling tends to stick around for a bit longer.)

⇢ I love that episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown shows some schmuck living with his mother how to make a decent breakfast for any lady friend that might come over. Consider this the print version: the Kitchn’s 10 Breakfast Survival Skills Every Cook Should Know.



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