Who: I’m Veronica, a single, 30-something home cook who believes that cooking for yourself should be just as amazing as cooking for significant others, spouses, children, and friends. After all, I’m the most important person I feed. Although I’ve taken a few one-day cooking classes, I’m not technically trained and I’ve never been to culinary school. Most of what I’ve learned has come from television, magazines, books, and watching my mother cook every day of my childhood.

What: The purpose of this blog is get out from under the mounds of recipes I’ve saved from TV shows and the internet, fold back some of those dog-eared magazine pages, crack a spine or two in my collection of cookbooks, and actually get cooking. I cook almost every day, so the problem isn’t that my kitchen is only used for heating up boxed frozen meals or I’m spending too much money eating at restaurants every night. The problem is that I tend to fall back on the same dishes day after day and thumb longingly though my books and magazines thinking, I’ll make that…someday. This year, I’ve decided that “someday” should be “now.” With the modest goal of one new recipe each week, I plan to dig through my ever-growing recipe archive, cook some of these things, and share the results – both good and bad – on this blog. Some I expect to be surprisingly great and some I expect to inevitably fail, but all I expect to teach me something about two of my greatest loves: food and cooking.

Where: My ridiculously sized, miniscule apartment kitchen in Chicago. But I’m here to prove that you don’t have to wait for your dream kitchen to cook some really good food.


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